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TeraSense optimizes and integrates technologies to deliver a decisive tactical edge. Our customer centric mission approach ensures peak performance.

Systems Engineering


Business Process Engineering & Integration

TeraSense engineers approach complex systems engineering challenges and integrations with a holistic, big picture mindset which allows for comprehensive execution and seamless delivery. We assess infrastructure and create a customized architecture or build upon existing solutions to enhance your technology needs and align with business objectives. Our engineers are experts in designing architectures which improve reliability, security, performance, and business continuity of critical systems, applications and networks.


TeraSense has a proven track of C5ISR and CBRND systems engineering and integration services. 

Integrated Logistics Support

Our team offers logistics support to ensure the operational effectiveness of mission-critical systems through their lifecycle. TeraSense logs important product data and part numbers for spare parts, accessories, manufacturing lead times, repair and replacement, and warranty information. TeraSense engineers ensure the coordination of trainings and new material in-briefs for users.

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