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At TeraSense, our modern software development techniques allow for collaboration, rapid delivery, and faster time to market with reduced operational risk. 

Agile DevSecOps



TeraSense engineers architect tailored CI/CD pipelines and seek to remove bottlenecks by capturing everything as code. With tailored integrations and cloud agnostic orchestration tools, we deploy entire environments with automation and steer clear of vendor lock. From a security lens, by embracing cloud native platforms (Kubernetes), we deploy pipelines which provide developers insight to container vulnerabilities. 

Our team maintains our codebase in a Git repository for infrastructure deployment. With this repository serving as the single source of truth, we avoid configuration management issues and streamline Operations Security through effective Site Reliability Engineering. 

Human Centered Design

Innovation begins and ends with product strategy. We work with the customer to understand their requirement but take it one step further by engaging with end-users throughout the development cycles to capture their input. This approach allows for a flexible roadmap to blend business goals with customers goals because of our iterative cycles. 

Consistent engagement with stakeholders allow for us to enhance the end-user experience. Asking questions, identifying gap areas, and understanding preference allows for optimization of software delivered and mission impact. 

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