The push to adopt Agile Development processes was in direct response to technology programs running over budget and taking longer than expected. At TeraSense, we have adopted Agile DevSecOps for cross functional collaboration, rapid delivery, and achieving faster time to market with less project risk.

Agile DevSecOps


DevSecOps & Software Automation

TeraSense engineers approach software development with an agile mindset and a DevSecOps culture leading to consistent outputs of quality deliverables. Our full stack engineers build flexible, scalable, and secure software solutions through intelligent automation.

Our software team brings true DevSecOp’s culture by leveraging low code development platforms to increase efficiency, reduce cost, improve reliability, and focus on user experience. TeraSense's success comes from understanding the requirements, identifying the right technology stack, and iterating to develop and deploy the complete solution.


Our team leverages hands-on experience with solutions such as Appian, Drupal, WordPress, SharePoint, Java, and .Net while adhering to industry best practices which include CMMI ML3, ISO 9001:2018, Agile DevOps, and NIST 800 security protocols.

Human Centered Design

Our developers create meaningful, intuitive software leveraging Human Centered Design principles to improve user experience.


Human Centered Design facilitates the development of thoughtful, more engaging software solutions which allows for end-users to make better, informed decisions, faster. TeraSense HCD principles are centered around our content developers engaging with the end-users and defining an end-to-end design roadmap. Through our comprehensive engagement, our team accounts for all unrealized, unmet needs leading to an organized, holistic view of well-defined UX requirements. Armed with the digital blueprint, our engineers develop a highly usable solution virtually guaranteeing increased satisfaction and efficiency.


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