Cloud & Infrastructure

A successful cloud implementation enables our mission partners to harness the flexibility, scalability, and security of advanced cloud computing. TeraSense engineers are at the forefront of the cloud and prepared to implement a secure migration.

Cloud Migration

TeraSense supports secure cloud migrations and enables federal mission partners develop and implement their enterprise cloud solution strategies to transition legacy applications and virtualized products to new, scalable cloud architectures.


TeraSense engineers develop detailed and tailored frameworks to streamline and successfully execute cloud initiatives. Our engineers help analysts, researchers, and business users make better and faster decisions using advanced analytics techniques to analyze enterprise data to gain insights. Our engineers leverage cutting edge technology platforms to manage large amounts of data and uncover patterns and trends to help our mission partners make informed decisions.

Infrastructure as Code

TeraSense Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solution manages and optimizes infrastructure (cloud, on-prem) in the same way application code is managed. This involves defining infrastructure resources within the environment in a declarative language, using version control system, and managing changes to the existing infrastructure through industry SDLC best practices. With IaC, benefits which are traditionally afforded only to software developers become a reality: 

1. Automated test, validation, and automation deliver infrastructure in a consistent and repeatable manner.

2. Change control, peer review, rollback, policy enforcement, and auditing capabilities can be realized with little to no effort, infrastructure costs, or additional manpower. 


Customers who leverage our IaC solution benefit from automated provisioning across multiple clouds (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, private) complete with a unified dashboard and audit trail.


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