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Sophisticated cyber actors are exploiting infrastructure vulnerabilities. TeraSense engineers build end-to-end security solutions to harden our systems. 


Defensive Cyber Operations

Our team is responsible for ARMY C5ISR endpoint security evaluation. Leveraging modern software development practices, our team evaluated, tested, and deployed the ARMY DCO solution.


TeraSense provides comprehensive Risk Management Framework support IAW NIST 800 series to ensure federal systems are secure. TeraSense information assurance professionals are compliant and qualified with mandated information systems security certifications required for supporting information assurance programs and projects to include certifications for CISSP, CISM, CEH and Security +.

Zero Trust Architecture Microsegmentation 

Zero-Trust is the term for an evolving set of cybersecurity paradigms which move defenses from static, network-based perimeters to focus on users, assets, and resources. Zero-Trust assumes there is no implicit trust granted to assets or user accounts based solely on their physical or network location or based on asset ownership. Authentication and authorization are discrete functions performed before a session to an enterprise resource is established.


TeraSense security engineers provide scoping support, identify the protected surface, map transaction flows, and have successfully designed microsegmentation into our DevSecOps Infrastructure as Code. 

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